Potency and impotence

Erection Problems

Men’s potency or problems with it (impotence) have long been a taboo topic in conversations both in the home environment and in the personal doctor or psychologist. Only a few men like to admit that they are experiencing problems in this area.

Nevertheless – or, precisely, – more and more men in modern times have problems with this at least once in their lives. More and more often, this nuisance also occurs in ever younger men, which is attributed primarily to the fast-paced way of modern life, unhealthy habits and – stress. The latter also contributes to less stable partner (love) relationships, unfaithfulness in the law and the like. Each year a large number of young psychology students decide to study and treat these problems, as the trend shows that, at least in the next 5 to 10 years, the number of males with these difficulties will increase. Statistically speaking, the medical profession agrees, despite the fact that precise definitions have not yet introduced that men suffer from impotence if three out of four sexual intercourse attempts fail due to poor erection or lack of it. To earn a “impotence” , you need to achieve as much as 75% failure. By recent research, doctors have shown that there is a correlation between poor potential and the possibility of a heart attack. This is also one of the indicators and main motivators that we can not ignore the problem and hope that it will pass by itself. The disorder needs to be taken and then acted: either by changing the lifestyle, either by changing the diet, stopping smoking, drinking alcohol, reducing the level of stress, etc. It is not just a simple and somewhat embarrassing problem, but a call to help from the (male) body.

One of the medical studies investigating impotence in connection with the various physical attributes of men concluded with a surprising result. She showed that the potency of a man is closely related to his blood type. If male B, AB or A blood type is present, the possibility of suffering from erectile dysfunction is 400% higher. Further tests showed that men with blood of group 0 (zero) on average behave with much greater resistance in bed. Unfortunately, tests have not yet revealed why blood influences potency. Interviews with individual test subjects (15,913 men from the US, the EU and England) issued that 62% of men with impotence problems successfully overcome the latter with medicines such as Kamagra gel and tablets, Viagra or Cialis.


Potency (or impotence) can also be influenced to a large extent by the diet itself. quality of it. A large number of different foods have a great impact on male sexual power and vitality. Zinc is one of the substances that is related to potency, and is predominantly in nuts, such as pine nuts. If you activate the brainstorming center a little more, you can quickly figure out what the shape of this nuts suggests.

Another food, which at the same time has beneficial effects in the fight to get cancerous, are peanuts. The latter inhibit the progression of certain types of cancer (eg prostate). Taiwanese researchers have found out that they contain potassium, phytosterol and resveratrol – these are antioxidants that are also found in wines, which are also recommended as a tumor growth inhibitor up to 1 deciliter a day. In the peanuts, amino acids are also found to help raise the level of nitric oxide on which top-notch erectile dysfunction drugs – Kamagra and Viagra are based.

Food, which is also very important for sexual vitality and strength, are figs. The ancient Greeks, in their literature, poetry and other works of art, openly associated figs with sexual life and fertility. Certain preserved sources even document that newlywed couples were stuck with figs instead of rice and wish them a happy and above all fruitful marital life with as many healthy offspring as possible.

In ancient India, the Hinduism for the sign of fertility was used by all the well-known ferns – banana (Kamagra gel can also be obtained in this flavor). Modern nutritional research, however, only confirms this old wisdom, as they show that bananas contain large amounts of vitamin B, potassium and zinc, which, as mentioned, have a very beneficial effect on sexual power. Huge vitamin E, which also affects sexual function, also contains asparagus. A food that is often overlooked but recommended by doctors to patients who suffer from erectile problems is a simple and everyday cucumber. It has a double positive effect! It does not only help to increase sexual power, but it is also good for vision because it is rich in vitamin A.


1.  Stress

It worries about money, lack of exercise, poor nutrition, too much alcohol or tobacco, too much effort at work, etc. … does this sound familiar to you? Probably every man knows exactly what the word is about. But a few men know that this actually affects their masculinity, potency.

2. Problems in a relationship

Disagreements or disputes with partners are the second most common cause of a reduced desire for physical contact, which is completely understandable. It is not possible or even advisable to avoid confrontations; experts advise us to resolve conflicts in a timely fashion and not to undermine them. Good communication has proven to be very effective in enhancing potency and lust.

3. Alcohol

The measure of alcohol can very quickly be exceeded. The children of the wine quickly succeed in the second or third succession, while the slightly drunk, quickly become unattractive to our partner. Not to mention that alcohol contains substances that actually have negative effects on sexual desire and diminish it.

4. Sleep deprivation

If you are under-spied, in any case, we are exhausted both physically and mentally. Often we forget that the sleep is full of batteries not only physically, but also mentally. If you do not believe, we should add that certain intelligence services actually used sleep deprivation as a form of psychological torture. An unremitting man can not act with all his might, and he does not have the will and capacity for a strong erection.

5. Children

Of course, the rise does not mean an automatic fall in sexual desire after a partner and a complete cessation of sex. It is mainly that parenting is a major effort, both physically and psychologically, while at the same time partners have no more privacy than before. All of this also affects sex life and, of course, also the power of a man who can feel neglected or unwanted.

6. Medicines

Certain pharmaceutically prescribed preparations may affect the level of male potency, in which case the pharmacist or doctor should also warn you before. In certain cases, of course, you can not influence this, as it can be for medicines that are vital to your health. You can always consult your doctor or be able to prescribe a drug that does not have such a side effect (or maybe only reduce the dose).

7. Depression and low self-esteem

At the moment, this is not the biggest problem for men’s potency, but it is certainly the fastest growing cause of erectile problems. The good news is that it is relatively easy to get rid of bad self-image at least in certain cases. A very good positive effect has a small amount of exercise, which also has a good effect on sexual power. Physical activity is also very helpful in depression, since the body during exercise or exercise. Physical effort produces chemicals that block and devour black thoughts.

8. Testosterone injection

In the course of the aging process of the male body, the level of the hormone testosterone inevitably decreases, which is closely linked to male potency. In some men, the reduction in testosterone levels can also cause impotence or at least a lower sexual desire. However, for some men, this is not noticeably noticeable even at a late age.