Treatment for Erection Problems

What can improve your sex life?

Problems with erection are a great psychological burden for a man, but the lion’s share of frustration is assumed by his partner. This is what Ana says (the name changed), who recently broke up with a man who has ED problems (erectile dysfunction). Problems with erection can be easily curable, but it can be very difficult. In the case presented by Ana, when the partner also blames the partner for her problems, the treatment is very difficult. Although her partner admitted that she had had an erection problem before the connection, Ana admits that the partner nevertheless tried to persuade her that she was guilty. “When you hear it almost on a daily basis, you slowly start to believe it, and the consequences for self-esteem are catastrophic,” says Ana.

Doctors are not surprised or not. They confirm that this is a common reaction of men who suffer from ED. Their partners often feel unattractive despite the fact that their partners claim that they are still as attractive as before the problem arises. More confident is a partner, it will be easier to constructively accept the partner’s problem and help him / her. he stood at the side of solving it.

Problems with erection (ED) are a common problem

It is very important that both men and women begin to realize that ED is not a rare problem, says dr. Maria Napotnik, who has been dealing exclusively with erectile dysfunction and the most effective treatment for her for the past 10 years. Recent research suggests that erectile dysfunction affects at least 50% of males after age 41, and ED is becoming the leading health problem for men in mature years, which affects more than 240 million men worldwide.

Despite the general prevalence of the problem, however, the men who come to them are nevertheless under great stress and experiencing great psychological pressure, as well as their partners. Research shows that the quality of life of ED sufferers is significantly worsened and reports of health problems such as increased menopausal symptoms, inability to conceive, allergy, a sharp increase in body weight, and insomnia.

How couples encounter ED?

Some couples who actively tackle the problem solve their problems in a record time (within a few weeks or months). However, some of the problems are unfortunately passive, which, unfortunately, is less successful. unsuccessful in treating them because they do not recognize that the problem is real and can only be cured with a serious approach.

In any case, a strong and hard erection contributes significantly to a strong and robust relationship with your partner (assuming that all the same relationship factors are regulated). Despite the fact that sex and sexual attraction are not the only condition for a successful relationship, this is still a large part of the relationship. You know what they say: “Sex is 90% of the ratio if it is poor and 10% of the relationship, if it’s good!” The same applies to many factors in love / sexual relationships, but of course this also applies to sexuality.